Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Registration is Now Open - Big T 2015

This year's race date is scheduled for Saturday October 3rd. Online registration is now active over at Newmexicosportsonline and Active.com. Race flyers are also available at The Running Hub or Alpine Sports here in Santa Fe or can be downloaded via the little icon to the left there (<<<<) and mailed in to the club P.O. Box or dropped off with either of our friends over at The Hub or Alpine Sports. The run benefits WINGS of America, which received $2,000 in each of the last two years. 

Registration fees are $30, early registrations from Striders club members are $25 before October 2nd (with promo code). Shirt designs haven't been finalized, but we'll post an image when it comes together. 

Time to get out and get your paces in, stretch those legs out, and get comfortable with a HR of 165 bpm. Fall is just around the corner. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Big Tesuque 2014 - Race Analysis and Statistics

Alright now! We have several highlights from this year's race we wanted to get out. We'll start with a couple easy ones and get into more detail over the next week. 

To begin, we had a total of 151 finishers at this year's Big Tesuque Trail Run. Our results database is now updated and complete. As can be seen in our profesh looking table below, the 151 tally is the largest field in the event's 30yr history. As is generally the case, more than 50% of this year's runners were first time Big T racers. 
A record field at the last three races
This year's race also had representation from 29 towns/cities in 7 states, highwater marks for both statistics. Dustin Martin's finishing time was the speediest since 2007. Give yourself a solid pat on the back if you pushed yourself up and down the mountain this year. 

The Striders are contributing $2,000 to WINGS of America, the race's sole charitable beneficiary. The contribution used to be structured strictly as proceeds from the race, we now kick in a larger sum that includes general Club funds. One not-so-insignificant factor in this change was the recent involvement of WINGS program director (Martin), in the race. He also happens to have collected three straight titles. 

Lastly, we had two runners this year that competed in the inaugural 'Run to the Towers' in 1985; our own Chris Chavez and Jack Lippincott who now runs his miles in Houston. As it happens, both men have long marathon streaks to their name - Chris has run every Duke City Marathon (31 straight years); Jack has reeled off 40 straight at the Houston Marathon. A tip of our cap to both these gentlemen for bringing honor to the race over the last three decades. 

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Big Tesuque Results and Live-Blogging - 2014

Aspen Vista looking north - 2008 - courtesy of Max Mujynya
Big day tomorrow. We had a very large number of pre-registrants - including 86 year old Otto Appenzeller and 15 y.o. Caleb Farrar. We also have Chris Chavez, a tough-as-nails runner who competed in the very first 'Run to the Towers' race back in October 1985, registered to give it a go. Give Chris a hi-five if you see him. He's a badass and he's an important thread of living history with this race at its 30 yr measure.

Hard to call a race favorite without either double-returning champion Dustin Martin or Katie Gillen on the pre-registration ledger. Heavyweights Joachim Marjon and Andrew Hahn are two runners that draw attention on the men's side; Olympic marathon trials qualifier Heather McNiff is a heavy favorite in the women's field.

We'll source an embedded Twitter feed of race highlights, commentary, and photos tagged with the hashtag #BigT14. Post your tally at days end and it will feed through.

 - Full results   Dustin Martin (3rd straight title), Ott, Richard claim the men's podium
 - Womens' overall  Heather McNiff, Lopez, Spivey top the podium places
 - Age Group results
 - Race photo album here (courtesy Max Mujynya)

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Video Flyover of the Course Start

The Aspen Vista Trail and surrounding mountains have begun their late September turn. Going to be beautiful up there this Saturday. Below is a few minutes of embedded video that Max shot last weekend. It includes running, dogs, some hikers, and roughly the first mile of trail.

The weather reports call for slightly warmer temps this weekend, and I imagine the puddles will all have dried up by then. Online registration will close Thursday night at 8pm. Registration will be available on race day, 815-845am.

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View Aspen Vista Trail (Big Tesuque Trail) - Santa Fe, NM in a larger map

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Race Planning for Big T 2014

Our race date of Saturday October 4th has been set and permitted by the good folks at the Santa Fe National Forest.

Online registration at NewMexicoSportsOnline.com ought to be going live later today is now live, manual registration is available via flyers currently being distributed around town, (or download here). $25 general registration, $22 for Striders club members.

Get fired up.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Big Tesuque Live Results Blog

We'll be posting photos and live results through Twitter this morning. If you have pics or thoughts of your own use the #BigTesuque tag and they should be picked up in the widget below. Cheers to all the folks lining up this morning, and happy running!

Terrific run folks. We believe it was a record day with ~140 finishers. This is up from last year's record turnout of 129 finishers. Both of our champions from prior year successfully held their titles, congratulations to Dustin and Katie. We had a large number of first time runners, congrats for braving the unknown and sending Big T.

*Official* overall results are now posted here, and at santafestriders.org
*Official* age-group results can be found here

There's at least 12 runners missing from these results, it's possible there is an error or two in there. If you've already spoken with the timers about it the errors should be corrected in the official list to be posted later.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Saturday's a Go! - Government or no Government

We've been fielding a few questions about the Government shutdown and how it affects the National Forests, in particular the Santa Fe National Forest. In a general sense we really don't know, but specific to this weekend's race our only casualties are the permanent bathrooms at the trailhead. They'll be locked, so we've made plans to truck a couple portables up there for everyone. Problem solved.

What else should be pondered and planned for as race day draws near? We just happen to have a handy list right here:

 - What to Prepare for on Race Day