Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Video Flyover of the Course Start

The Aspen Vista Trail and surrounding mountains have begun their late September turn. Going to be beautiful up there this Saturday. Below is a few minutes of embedded video that Max shot last weekend. It includes running, dogs, some hikers, and roughly the first mile of trail.

The weather reports call for slightly warmer temps this weekend, and I imagine the puddles will all have dried up by then. Online registration will close Thursday night at 8pm. Registration will be available on race day, 815-845am.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Race Planning for Big T 2014

Our race date of Saturday October 4th has been set and permitted by the good folks at the Santa Fe National Forest.

Online registration at NewMexicoSportsOnline.com ought to be going live later today is now live, manual registration is available via flyers currently being distributed around town, (or download here). $25 general registration, $22 for Striders club members.

Get fired up.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Big Tesuque Live Results Blog

We'll be posting photos and live results through Twitter this morning. If you have pics or thoughts of your own use the #BigTesuque tag and they should be picked up in the widget below. Cheers to all the folks lining up this morning, and happy running!

Terrific run folks. We believe it was a record day with ~140 finishers. This is up from last year's record turnout of 129 finishers. Both of our champions from prior year successfully held their titles, congratulations to Dustin and Katie. We had a large number of first time runners, congrats for braving the unknown and sending Big T.

*Official* overall results are now posted here, and at santafestriders.org
*Official* age-group results can be found here

There's at least 12 runners missing from these results, it's possible there is an error or two in there. If you've already spoken with the timers about it the errors should be corrected in the official list to be posted later.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Saturday's a Go! - Government or no Government

We've been fielding a few questions about the Government shutdown and how it affects the National Forests, in particular the Santa Fe National Forest. In a general sense we really don't know, but specific to this weekend's race our only casualties are the permanent bathrooms at the trailhead. They'll be locked, so we've made plans to truck a couple portables up there for everyone. Problem solved.

What else should be pondered and planned for as race day draws near? We just happen to have a handy list right here:

 - What to Prepare for on Race Day

Monday, September 30, 2013

Point of Recognition for our Financial Backers

We've updated our Race Sponsor page. Aside from our volunteers and race director these are the folks that make Big T tick, year after year, in many cases for the last twenty years - not a typo. Before we can recognize our new overall and age-group champions on Saturday let's recognize the businesses that lend their support in getting us to race day in good shape.

Cowbells and a big thanks to our sponsors below.

And of course to the race beneficiary, WINGS of America

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Race Registration is Building Steadily

A quick report on registration:
Year-to-date we have registrants from 13 cities and 4 states. Only one country just yet (the US), but we do have an entry from outside the Continental US, and that would be Alaska. From the looks of it, we're ahead of last year's trends. The race generally fills a third of all entries in the final week of online registration, then another third in-person on race day.

Below is a nifty report from the backend of our results database that shows participation by city and state for the last thirteen races. In 2012 we had runners representing 23 different cities/towns and 5 states. The largest of course being Santa Fe and Albuquerque. We don't seem to draw well from Rio Rancho for some reason but this could be our year. Las Vegas and Taos are tough draws but they have more of a drive-time to overcome.

On a side note - one can just make out the small course extension on the summit that was instituted in 2010. Average times bump 3-4 minutes from 2009 and prior years. I've found that the added hundred meters on top that now stretch to summit edge (and back), takes me an extra 90sec to cover. It's worth it for the fine view.

Our tech cred on full display - Thirteen years of BigT participation and finishing time data

If you're a club member, sign up early and receive your club discount (only $22!). Get into The Running Hub and drop off your registration flyer (they have extras on hand), or register online at either Active.com or our new listing at newmexicosportsonline if you prefer the local business route.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Big Tesuque Training Run II - Sun. September 8, 8am

A second opportunity to join in a group training run for Big Tesuque. The Striders' Group Run for this coming Sunday will be along the Winsor Trail, through Puerto Nambe to Lake Katherine (just below SF Baldy). If you missed the first group training run then here's your second chance. Climbing, altitude, conversation. 

To carpool meet at Fort Marcy at 730am, or rocket-up to the Ski Area/Winsor Trail trailhead for an 8am-ish departure. Group runs tend to go at a conversational pace, the lead runners periodically circling back or breaking to allow the group to pull together. Cut the run short if you need to get back, or add a few miles if you don't mind the separation anxiety. The full run is approx. 12mi, with maybe 1,800ft of net climbing to the lake. 

Further details here.

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