Saturday, September 10, 2016

Most Career Finishes - Big Tesuque

BigT, October 1, 2016
Three Weeks, Zero Days...

Hope folks have been getting their running in, stretching the legs, maybe a bit of both up high where the air is thin. 

We were reviewing the BigT results database, now fully updated with 2015 marks (<-- see sidebar, at left). Felt the need to recognize several of the top climbers in the area who've notched 10 or more career race-day summits up the Big Tesuque course (and back). We count 16, with three at 20(!) or more. I'd note that we're missing two years of results and have only partial results for a couple of the other early events so totals for these exceptional runners may be approximates, but wow, what a collection of finishes, eh?

I'd think most know the top 3 listed here: Peter Fant being our fearless race director for the last 20 years, a top 10 finisher seven times. Chris, a legend in his own right particularly at both the Pikes Peak and Duke City marathons, has twelve top 10 finishes at BigT. Jim will race anyone in any endurance event, and has dedicated himself to doing so over much of the last 30yrs - Jim's the 1990 BigT Champ and a top 10 finisher at least eleven times

Keep running.


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