Thursday, September 8, 2016

BigT Approaches - Trails, Training, & Virtual Training

BigT Oct 1, 2016
Three Weeks, Two Days...

There are several fall trail races coming up in addition to BigT, many of which can be great training runs, race prep, scoping out the age-group comp, simply enjoying the trails with friends, etc. A few of this week's events are helpfully noted and linked to below (from the Striders FB page).

But say, maybe your weekends are busy and/or your preference is to train alone. If so, consider tracking other BigT runners on Strava (you don't use Strava? you should) and matching your weekly totals side-by-side to get an idea of the type of work people are putting in, out and above and around town. We've got a BigT Strava Group setup just for this purpose - join the group and train virtually with some of us other adventurous, peculiar, and pain-tolerant people.

Keep running.


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