Previous Champions

The inaugural women's champion
Carol Dunning-Rogers (1985)
We've been methodically pulling together a list of past champions - still have nine five three missing years but what we have is a pretty interesting snapshot of the many race days up on the mountain. Unconfirmed course records (as we sift through past results) were put up by Stan Fox of Gunnison, CO in 1988 (1:15:02) Oliver Trujillo of Pojoaque in 1987 (1:16:20), and Erica Larson Baron of Los Alamos in 2002 (1:27:08).

We hope to make notes for years in which there may have been early snow or inclimate weather, likewise if a course change went into effect (you'll note the course was extended slightly in 2010). Let us know in the comments below if you have any such recollections from years past.

Repeat Champions:
 - Dustin Martin (5) - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
 - Katie Gillen (2) - 2012, 2013
 - Rachael Cuellar (2) - 2009, 2011
 - Mike Ehrmantraut (2) - 2005, 2010
 - Emily Hauer (2) - 2007, 2008 
 - Cam Stuber (2) - 2006, 2007
 - Erica Larson Baron (2) - 2001, 2002 (CR)
 - Joachim Oberst (3) - 1998, 2000, 2002
                                                      - Chris Parks (2) - 1996, 1997
                                                      - Craig Heacock (2) - 1994, 1995
                                                      - Cecilia Rosaker-McCord (3) - 1986, 1988, 1993
                                                     - Oliver Trujillo (2) - 1986, 1987

2016Dustin Martin1:20:22 (a) 
Sophia Torres1:34:15 (a) 
2015Dustin Martin1:20:59 (a) 
Whitney Spivey1:48:51 (a) 
2014Dustin Martin1:20:58 (a) 
Heather McNiff1:38:53 (a) 
2013Dustin Martin1:22:32 (a) 
Katie Gillen1:42:07 (a) 
2012Dustin Martin1:24:22 (a) 
Katie Gillen1:43:18 (a) 
     2011     Bernard Langat1:21:39 (a)      
Rachael Cuellar1:31:21 (a)
2010Mike Ehrmantraut        1:25:40 (a)
Rachael Early1:31:28 (a)
2009Marc Esposito1:25:54
Rachael Cuellar1:30:26 
2008Luis Chavez1:26:26
Emily Hauer1:38:24
2007Cameron Stuber1:19:33
Emily Hauer1:34:38
2006Cameron Stuber1:18:03 
Grace Thomson1:39:00
2005Mike Ehrmantraut1:21:30
Katie Arnold1:39:11
2004Andrew Musava1:21:41
Jordan Vaughn1:37:04
2003Martin Tucek1:23:59
Jean Herbert1:37:25
2002Joachim Oberst1:20:00
Erica Larson1:27:08 (CR)
2001Tom Sobal1:25:32
Erica Larson1:35:48
2000Joachim Oberst1:20:10
Stefanie Kyser1:41:17
1999Joel Rosario1:18:09
Maria Moriarity1:41:37
1998Joachim Oberst1:22:43
Gretchen Ellis1:37:54
1997Chris Parks1:21:37
Marie Boyd1:35:42
1996Chris Parks1:22:19
Tracy Lee Rabem1:50:05
1995Craig Heacock1:21:15
Josie Edwards1:32:31
1994Craig Heacock1:19:01
Robyn Benson1:48:14
1993Steve Warshawer1:20:48
Cecilia Rosaker-McCord1:39:53
1992Senovio 'Leo' Torres1:19:37
Sue Ashman-Smith1:32:35
1991No Race Held
No Race Held
1990Jim Westmoreland1:19:47
Sissy Rosacher1:35:17
1988Stan Fox1:15:02 (CR)
Cecilia Rosaker-McCord1:34:21
1987Oliver Trujillo1:16:20 
Catherine Ducaj-Quintana1:29:07
1986Oliver Trujillo1:18:00
Cecilia Rosaker-McCord1:39:30
1985Ron McCurley1:21:02
Carol Rogers-Dunning1:32:00
last updated 9.10.13

(a)  new course adds ~100m and approx. 40sec
(CR) unconfirmed course record 

  - A list of Top Times over the last decade can be found here
  - Course and Age-Group records can be found here

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