Friday, October 3, 2014

Big Tesuque Results and Live-Blogging - 2014

Aspen Vista looking north - 2008 - courtesy of Max Mujynya
Big day tomorrow. We had a very large number of pre-registrants - including 86 year old Otto Appenzeller and 15 y.o. Caleb Farrar. We also have Chris Chavez, a tough-as-nails runner who competed in the very first 'Run to the Towers' race back in October 1985, registered to give it a go. Give Chris a hi-five if you see him. He's a badass and he's an important thread of living history with this race at its 30 yr measure.

Hard to call a race favorite without either double-returning champion Dustin Martin or Katie Gillen on the pre-registration ledger. Heavyweights Joachim Marjon and Andrew Hahn are two runners that draw attention on the men's side; Olympic marathon trials qualifier Heather McNiff is a heavy favorite in the women's field.

We'll source an embedded Twitter feed of race highlights, commentary, and photos tagged with the hashtag #BigT14. Post your tally at days end and it will feed through.

 - Full results   Dustin Martin (3rd straight title), Ott, Richard claim the men's podium
 - Womens' overall  Heather McNiff, Lopez, Spivey top the podium places
 - Age Group results
 - Race photo album here (courtesy Max Mujynya)

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