Saturday, October 5, 2013

Big Tesuque Live Results Blog

We'll be posting photos and live results through Twitter this morning. If you have pics or thoughts of your own use the #BigTesuque tag and they should be picked up in the widget below. Cheers to all the folks lining up this morning, and happy running!

Terrific run folks. We believe it was a record day with ~140 finishers. This is up from last year's record turnout of 129 finishers. Both of our champions from prior year successfully held their titles, congratulations to Dustin and Katie. We had a large number of first time runners, congrats for braving the unknown and sending Big T.

*Official* overall results are now posted here, and at
*Official* age-group results can be found here

There's at least 12 runners missing from these results, it's possible there is an error or two in there. If you've already spoken with the timers about it the errors should be corrected in the official list to be posted later.


Misty said...

Can't find any other way to contact you. I'm 122, I think! Misty Pilgrim. I finished in about 3:03 or something like that. Lots of people saw me at the top and at the finish.

Desert Dirt said...

Hi Misty, thanks for the note. You're listed in the official results posted at (front page, scroll down). The unofficial links above were slow to change because the website guy is crushed with the flu (me). Thanks for coming out, I talked briefly with your husband at the finish line.