Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pre-Race Update

Wilderness Gate and aspens at the group run this
morning.   photo by Max Mujynya
One week and counting. The weather is looking fine, the mountains are looking fine. Online race registration eclipsed our previous high on Friday. Continued registration will be ongoing both online and in person at The Running Hub until Friday at noon, then of course on race day until ~8:45am.

We've keyed in a few more year's of results to the database. We now have searchable results and age group records back to 1994 (missing years 96-97). So, sixteen of the race's twenty-seven years. Gettin' there. Slowly but we're getting there. The database is showing two runners that have completed 14 races going back to '94.

  - Jim Westmoreland, and
  - Peter Fant

Friday, September 14, 2012

Cold Spell Ushers in the Start of Autumn

Cooler temperatures and lots of rain these last few days. Not enough of either though to bring the season's first snow to the peaks above town. Rumor has it that Taos and Red River might have had a brush of white stuff. Taken together, the shift in weather is a big green light for the aspen groves to make preparations for their grand Fall show.

First snow up top last year:  September 10th

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Big Tesuque Results Widget

Patty Danforth for the win - a finisher in 8 of the last 9 races
Nearly four weeks until race day (Oct 6th!), gearing up for a ripper of a race this year. So, we've got our results compiled back to the 2003 1992 race, plus '85-'87 (see the tabs above). We've got a listing in progress of our phenomenal sponsors, most of which have been with us for twenty years strong. We've got a coursemap on the sidebar there for those interested in printing a map to the trailhead and getting an idea of the Big Tesuque course itself (click through for detail). And, we've got links to register either online, in person, or by mail.

Well we now have a sweet searchable database of the compiled race results, courtesy of our crack Big T software team (Mr. Tiago Stock, waddup!). Key in a last name (or first, or both) for a quick summary of past results through the years (back to '03 '85 minus five years were still searching for). We'll add additional years as we sort through our time-capsule of results.

Find your Big T results summary here!

Key findings from our new results widget: We have 42 runners that ran in at least four of the last nine races; 11 from that bunch ran in five; 4 ran in six (Jim Owens - club president, Robert Anderson - who drives in from Thoreau each year, John McPhee, and Edmundo Perez); 5 ran in seven (Peter Fant - race director, Jose Perez, Michael Stanley, Jim Westmoreland, and Chris Chavez); and just 1 has run in at least eight, Patty Danforth.

If you see Patty on the 6th be sure to congratulate her and share a high-five.