Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Big Tesuque Results - 2017

BigT Race Results from Saturday's run. Dustin Martin continues his string of dominance at the front, clocking a swift 1hr 20:26 finish. Arlene Espinoza-Armijo crushes the field for her first crown in 1hr 43:32. 112 finishers on the day. Terrific work to all that came out for the climb. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Big Tesuque Results - 2016

Terrific morning up on the mountain. Albuquerque's Dustin Martin runs away with another title - he's now a five-time champion on Big Tesuque and has the most titles of any runner on the course. Sophia Torres of Cordova claimed her first title, five minutes clear of the field. 

Hi-fives to all who came out and ran with us today. Preliminary results are uploaded and linked to below. We will clean up spelling and any other necessary corrections in the next few days.

  - Full Results - Big T 2016

Dustin Martin, 1hr 20min 22sec (PR and 5th straight title), Logan Ott of Los Alamos, 1:26:41 (2nd straight podium finish), and Sean O'Rourke of Santa Fe, 1:27:29 - are the big three on this year's men's podium; Women's Overall: Sophia Torres of Cordova races to her first BigT crown, 1:34:15; Karri Craddock of Santa Fe, 1:39:00; and Danielle Melton of Abq, 1:40:01 - makeup the big three on this year's women's podium. 

- Age Group Results - Big T 2016

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Race Day Details - Oct 1, 2016

BigT, October 1, 2016
Twenty-seven hrs...

The final race preparations are in various states of completion for this year's 32nd annual event. Weather looks first-rate for this Saturday and the aspen colors have set. Carpool and/or arrive early to minimize the inevitable parking congestion!

As always, there will be race day registration from 8-845am. All of you last minute fence-stradlers should make the drive up to Aspen Vista and join the race. Striders Club Members will pay the full registration fee on Saturday morning (discounts ended with online registration Thursday evening). As a result of several requests, there will be a walking/hiking division again this year. The start time for this group will be moved back to 8am. Expect race morning to be busy and if there are any lingering questions of what to expect, please refer to our helpful primer on this topic:
 - What to Prepare for on Race Day - Big Tesuque Trail Run.

This year's event includes runners from several nearby states, including; Tulsa OK, Window Rock AZ, El Paso TX, Paonia CO; and over a dozen cities and towns here in New Mexico, including; Socorro, Las Cruces, Taos, Dulce, Sapello, Montezuma, El Rito, as well as several nearby locales (Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Edgewood, Sandia Park, Placitas, Los Alamos, Las Vegas, Espanola, Los Ranchos, Tesuque Pueblo). Will see you all at the trailhead this Saturday morning.

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Most Career Finishes - Big Tesuque

BigT, October 1, 2016
Three Weeks, Zero Days...

Hope folks have been getting their running in, stretching the legs, maybe a bit of both up high where the air is thin. 

We were reviewing the BigT results database, now fully updated with 2015 marks (<-- see sidebar, at left). Felt the need to recognize several of the top climbers in the area who've notched 10 or more career race-day summits up the Big Tesuque course (and back). We count 16, with three at 20(!) or more. I'd note that we're missing two years of results and have only partial results for a couple of the other early events so totals for these exceptional runners may be approximates, but wow, what a collection of finishes, eh?

I'd think most know the top 3 listed here: Peter Fant being our fearless race director for the last 20 years, a top 10 finisher seven times. Chris, a legend in his own right particularly at both the Pikes Peak and Duke City marathons, has twelve top 10 finishes at BigT. Jim will race anyone in any endurance event, and has dedicated himself to doing so over much of the last 30yrs - Jim's the 1990 BigT Champ and a top 10 finisher at least eleven times

Keep running.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

BigT Approaches - Trails, Training, & Virtual Training

BigT Oct 1, 2016
Three Weeks, Two Days...

There are several fall trail races coming up in addition to BigT, many of which can be great training runs, race prep, scoping out the age-group comp, simply enjoying the trails with friends, etc. A few of this week's events are helpfully noted and linked to below (from the Striders FB page).

But say, maybe your weekends are busy and/or your preference is to train alone. If so, consider tracking other BigT runners on Strava (you don't use Strava? you should) and matching your weekly totals side-by-side to get an idea of the type of work people are putting in, out and above and around town. We've got a BigT Strava Group setup just for this purpose - join the group and train virtually with some of us other adventurous, peculiar, and pain-tolerant people.

Keep running.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Registration is Now Open - Big T 2016

This year's race date is scheduled for Saturday October 1st. Online registration is now active over at Newmexicosportsonline as well as Active.com (we prefer the local guys). Race flyers will also be available at The Running Hub or Alpine Sports here in Santa Fe or can be downloaded via the little icon to the left there (<<<<) and mailed in to the club P.O. Box. Completed registrations can also be dropped off with either of our friends over at The Hub or Alpine Sports. The run benefits WINGS of America, which received $2,000 from the the Striders via the Big Tesuque Trail Run in each of the last two years. 

Registration fees are $30 this year, early registrations from Striders club members are $25 before race day (with promo code). Shirt designs haven't been finalized, but we'll post an image when it comes together. 

Time to get out and get your paces in, stretch those legs out, and get comfortable with a HR of 165 bpm. Fall is just around the corner. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Big Tesuque Results - 2015

Terrific morning up on the mountain. Not too cool, not too warm. Dustin Martin became the very first four time champion on Big Tesuque. Whitney Spivey claimed her first title. 

Hi-fives to all who came out and ran with us today. Preliminary results are uploaded and linked to below. We will clean up spelling and any other necessary corrections in the next few days.

 - Full Results  Dustin Martin (4th straight title), Logan Ott, and Dwight Rabe are this year's men's podium; 
Women's Overall  Whitney Spivey races to her first BigT crown, Hannah Kligman, and Natalie Ellsworth complete this year's women's podium. 

 - Age Group Results
 - Walking Results
 - Race Photos to be posted at a later date (courtesy of Max Mujynya)

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